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Category: Juggling On Unicycle On Slackline

3-Club Juggling on a Unicycle on a Slackline/ Slackwire

December 20, 2016 Video

As if juggling on a slackline wasn’t hard enough! Look at this guy adding a unicycle into the mix. That extra component between the line and the performer has to make it much, much more difficult. A lot of slackliners can’t even slackline with shoes on, because they need to “feel the line.”

חד אופן על חבל

המתקן החדש (גבוה יותר) מוכן סוף סוף 🙂 ואם זה לא מספיק, יש גם תרגיל חדששש!חנוכה.. הנה אני בא!!

Posted by ‎קרקס בודד‎ on Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I don’t even know what language this guy speaks, so I couldn’t tell you his name. Check out his Facebook page here.

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