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This website was created by and is maintained by, me, Daniel Hawk.

I have, roughly, 5000 hours of practice with flow arts and slacklining. I can spin poi, double staff, contact staff, dragon staff, rope dart, and many other props. I can spin anything while also balancing on a slackline. By learning how to perform flow arts on a slackline, I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about nothing, while flowing and learning new skills that demand a clear mind. It is a forced meditation, but is meditation, just the same. It is great for the mind.

edited to include fireImage from . Edited to have fire, because highline fire spinning is my goal.

I would be incredibly appreciative if you could afford to donate once or a small amount, each month. You would be helping to support a very epic activity, gracefully spinning lights in the sky.

If you’re feeling so gracious,
you can donate through my Patreon site.

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YouTube: Teasing Gravity – IG: @teasing_gravity

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