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If you are new to flow arts, I would suggest reading the next few paragraphs, before skipping to the good stuff.

When being introduced to Flow Arts, many people are overwhelmed by the possibilities. The learning really begins by picking your first type of prop to study and then purchasing or borrowing one to practice with. It is up to you whether you buy a fire prop, LED prop, or day-prop. Many people start with a ‘day-prop,’ which is just a prop that doesn’t light up and is one that you shouldn’t set on fire. They tend to be cheaper, so if you give up, then at least you didn’t waste too much of your money.

Once you have your prop, I recommend searching YouTube for “tutorial” + prop name + “beginner” or “basics.”

I wouldn’t recommend lighting a prop on fire, unless it is a fire prop and you have a seasoned fire spinner to assist you for your first couple of burns, at least. There are many things to worry about, regarding safety. You will get burned if you decide to learn to spin fire. Even the best fire spinners occasionally get burned. Good safety procedures will minimize the extent to which you get burned.

If you decide to learn flow arts, you will hit yourself with your prop, unintentionally. It happens very frequently, until you stop being clumsy with it. You can also expect to accidentally break things in your house, if you choose to practice inside your home.

I hold no responsibility for the actions you take.

The following content is meant to be an unbiased list of online resources. Updated 1-19-2017

There is no particular order to the links, so do not judge anything based on order.

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