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Summer Solstice Hooping by Buket Rin Performance Art

September 18, 2017 Video

A very well-done hooping vid! Check it out!

Green house hooping by Buket Rin

Happy summer solstice! here is my new hooping video. I hope you enjoy. Don't hesitate to like and share 🙂 for more info & booking : contact@buketrin.comFollow my instagram for more videos : youtube link of this video : and editing by : Jeremy Lewis ( and you can contact him via –> asks about this beautiful place of course, it is in the south of Turkey owned by two awesome friends, check –> TADAH Artist HabitatMy hoops are 30'' – 5/8 by Hulala Hoopers (you can use my code "buketrin" for discount)Special thanks to all the friends who were there during Hooping mad – Emma Kenna advanced teacher training. We supported and inspired each other so much! 🌸

Posted by Buket Rin Performance Art on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

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Categories: Flow, Hooping, Mind-Building

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